High Rigidity Vertical Double Column Machining Center Integrated Rib Structure

High Rigidity Vertical Double Column Machining Center Integrated Rib Structure



Double Column Machining Center Features:

     Double Column Machining Center body is made from Meehanite cast iron, tempered and stress relived for deformation-free structure and long time accuracy.

    Double Column Machining Center Box Type construction of structural parts, reinforced by rib structures for high rigidity.

    Suitable for large workpiece without deformation

    Extra large internal space: wider distance between columns together with long X-axis travel, specially for large and heavy workpiece.

    Step type beam for higher cutting rigidity and stability.

    Scientifically rib reinforced beam to maximize the structure strength for a solid support for the spindle head.

      Years of R&D and Production Experience; Including the Latest Cutting&Milling Technology; Various Kinds of Crossbeam With and Travel Distance

     With the Help of High-power Spindle and X/Y/Z Servo Motor, Double Column Machining Center Can be Used in Automobile Mold, Plastic Mold and other High-precision Parts Processing Industry.


   Crossbeam with High Rigidity, Stability and Precision: Slope and Multiple-level Design, Box-type Casting and Integrated Rib Structure.

   One-piece Casting for Headstock; X/Y/Z Axis with High Torque Servo Motor and Direct Transmission to      Improve Processing Efficiency and Reliability.

   High Horsepower Spindle Motor (6000RPM) with Two Different Speed Gearbox for Low-speed Heavy           Cutting and High-speed Finishing Cutting.

   X Axis Transmission System: High-precision Planetary Gearbox Structure; To Avoid the Belt Transmission Torque Loss

   Spindle, Bearing and Gearbox Use Forced Cooling System to Reduce the Heat Deformation and Improve the Life Span and Precision of the Spare Parts.



Double Column Machining Center Technical Data:



3 Axis travel


Spindle nose to table


Door width


3 Axis guide way type

X/Y axis linear way,Z axis box tyoe

Work table size


Max Loading


3 axis fast move speed


Cutting speed


Spindle rotation speed


Spindle taper


Spindle motor


3 axis motor


Position precision


Repeat position precision


Machine weight


Machine size




Double Column Machining Center

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